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Empower Your Life With Confidence

$630/3 MONTHS

Belief Booster 

Lachelle Empowers is an empowerment and image coaching program that is designed to help women of all ages to equip with confidence, to empower self-love and restore true healing with forgiveness. It's a proven five-step approach that breaks through life's challenges, while helping you define, build and refine your own definition of what it means to be empowered.

$900/6 MONTHS

Confident Not Cocky 

A remarkable coach who has walked the journey and is living out in freedom, Lachelle Empowers coaching program to equip your life with confidence, empowerment and self-love that thrives for generations. She teaches how to restore true healing and forgiveness. This movement is one of love, courage and power within our hearts and minds to restore lives and communities in these amazing women she reaches.

$1,500/ 1-YEAR

Fully Restored 

Lachelle Empowers™ is a step-by-step empowerment coaching program for women of all ages. A coaching program for women combines healing techniques with intuitive tools to equip you with the confidence to love yourself and navigate healthy relationships. When you are confident, it makes a difference in every area of your life! We teach self-love and forgiveness. You learn to let go of the past and create your own future!

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