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About Lachelle
The Empowerment Coach 

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"I Look Into the Mirror every Morning"

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Hey Queen!  I'm Lachelle, 

An advocate and survivor of domestic violence, I know what giving up feels like when you don't think you are good enough. When you begin to believe the negative things people say about you when self-love and confidence are nowhere to be found, you feel isolated and unworthy. 

"I coach women of all ages that their past is not there now."

I coach women of all ages to equip, empower, self-love and restore true healing with forgiveness. I encourage empowerment building, where individuals become a channel for healing others as well as themselves. My purpose is to be a vessel and agent of grace and learn from everyone around me. 

The Lachelle Empowers' mission is to coach women of all ages to be equipped with confidence, empower self-love and restore true healing with forgiveness. She works with women who struggle to achieve their goals in life and have lost hope that their dreams are possible or worthy of a more fabulous vision. With a passion and deep love for God, she is present and committed to helping them embrace life as God would have it while learning to trust the process.

"Equip - Empower - Restore" 


I've witnessed the power of forgiveness lead to a changed life. It is happening to me now! Lachelle Empowers is a movement that empowers women's hearts to embrace self-love and restore true healing with forgiveness. Lachelle is a successful business & life coach, inspirational speaker, and author who believes that every woman can love herself, forgive herself and honor the life she's meant to live by bringing forth her purpose and passion.

"Restoring True HEALING with Forgiveness"


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I love who I am, and I know it is not for everybody. Once they hear me speak they have no choice but to take action and be confident. 


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A transformational program for women of every age to master their self-love, heal from hurt, and be equipped with confidence & courage.


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Lachelle's story is your story. There is one difference; my journey is so others can learn and grow. One of my books has the solution to your current problem. 

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